Rome (IT)


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  • Pictured detail: FPro designed wooden furniture; Teak floor, Farrow&Ball \
  • New service connection, linking kitchen, bathroom 2, guest room and laundry to entrance area
  • Former main entrance area
  • Today: main entrance with coats storage (right)
  • Detail of FPro designed coats storagel: cherry wood profiles placed on a mirroring door structure
  • Detail of FPro designed coats storage detail: cherry wood profiles placed on a mirroring door structure
  • Former dining room
  • The new curved wall, designed in order to better link entrance, living and dining area
  • Detail of FPro designed furniture: a cherry and oak consolle envelops the ugly concrete pillar, formerly impacting on  lving and dining area view...
  • The concrete pillar, originally hidden in a thin diaframma
  • Pillar is now dominating the area, curved wall building begins
  • Curved wall built, the ugly pillare needs to be hidden
  • FPro designed furniture envelops the pllar, kitchen is open to view, but closed in glass to prevent cooking smells
  • FPro idea for a graceful pantry
  • Formed East bedroom wall
  • The wall left place for the upcoming wooden membrane
  • Cherry wood membrane completed: part of the bathroom opens towards bedroom
  • Problem to solve: the difficult pillar's connection  to the 1950's concrete beam
  • Our solution...
  • Liing - Dining storage cherry & oak furniture completed
  • Detail of master bedroom furniture
  • Detail of small bathroom 3 furniture. Teak wood, \

At the very hearth of Parioli area, next to Villa Borghese park:
a fine interior renewal in a beautiful 1950 modernist building.

Original "Calacatta Vagli" marble floor has been surrounded by teak parquet, while the house deeply upgraded all around:

home automation, Farrow & Ball astonishing colours, new marble finishings and  a totally FPro designed new wooden funriture.

Planned Area
  Deep restoration
220 sqm
Chief architect